Should you encounter a problem with the operation of your Perfect Petfeeder, please refer to the following problem descriptions and their possible solutions. This may be the fastest way to resolve the issue and return your unit to normal operation.


If the problem is not quickly resolved, please do not hesitate to to email us, so that we may help you resolve the problem and follow through with service and/or replacement if necessary.




How do I reset/reboot the electronics?

You may want to do this if there is any anomalous behavior or if you simply want to make a major change to the program and it is easier to do it from scratch. NOTE: when programming the meal times, they must be programmed in chronological order from 12AM to 11:59PM.


To reset the electronics, unplug the cord from both the wall and the back of the unit, open the battery compartment door, wait 30 seconds, then plug the cord back in at both ends, close the battery compartment door, and reprogram the unit.


My cat is acting like he's starving. How can I be sure the unit is working correctly?

If the behavior has come about suddenly, you should investigate immediately as it could be a problem with the appliance or could signal a serious health problem. This is true for any pet. To test the appliance, you can either;

  1. be present at a scheduled feeding to see that it is operating correctly,or
  2. use the Free-Feed Feature to test it. Simply push and hold the up button for a few seconds and the unit will begin dispensing food for as long as you hold the button.

If the unit is operating normally we strongly recommend you consult with your veterinarian.


The "REFILL FEEDER" alert is displayed. Will the unit keep dispensing food? And how do I stop it?

The unit will continue to dispense food even while the Refill Alert is displayed. In fact, the unit will continue to operate even when the hopper is empty. The alert is triggered by a light sensor on the front of the Motor Module (Black motor housing installed inside the hopper). You can stop the alert by either adding food to the hopper sufficient to cover the Motor Module, or you can place something opaque, like a folded dark towel or magazine, over the window of the hopper lid.


The unit does not operate, but the green light is on.

A.  Check to be sure that the unit is not in Suspend Mode. If it is, press ENTER twice to exit suspend mode.


B.  Push and hold the UP button for several seconds. If the motor operates, skip to C, below. If not, then either the motor module is not seated correctly or there is a problem with the battery power. NOTE: the feeder receives it's operational power from the battery, not from the power cord. Please proceed with the following.

C.  If the motor runs when the UP button is pushed, there is likely a problem with the meal program. Use the View/Change Program adjustment option described on page 23 of the Product Guide to make sure the meal times and amounts are correct. It is possible to inadvertently set some meal amounts to 0 using the Quick Change feature described on page 23. This will result in the unit not operating at those meal times. Also be certain the meals were programmed in chronological order from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM. Programming meals out of order will result in meals being skipped.

The unit does not operate, the green light is off, and the screen displays “SET TIME OF DAY".

This would indicate that at some point the unit lost all power and now must be re-programmed according to the instructions on page 14 of the Product Guide. Try to ascertain why or how both battery power and outlet power were removed and take action to insure it does’t reoccur. Refer to pages 19 & 20 of the guide for help.


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The unit does not operate, the green light is off, and the screen is blank.

This would indicate a complete loss of outlet power for an extended period of time, or a failed unit. Begin by:

NOTE: If you find that the unit has been without outlet power to the point that it has become inoperative, then the battery has been drained to the point of being unreliable and must be replaced as soon as possible.

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At meal times the motor operates but no food is dispensed or the food dispenses inconsistently.

    Check the following:


The Food Low Alert does not sound when the food is low in the hopper.

The alert is dependant on the presence of sufficient ambient light to trigger the alert as described on page 30 of the Product Guide. If there is insufficient light, it will not sound. This is why you should visually check the level of remaining food regularly.


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