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General questions



Behavioral and Acclimation Questions



Is it for cats or dogs?

The Perfect Petfeeder successfully feeds both cats and small to medium sized dogs. Although not originally designed for larger breed dogs, we have many satisfied customers using the Perfect Petfeeder to feed dog breeds such as Labs and German Shepherds, but the configuration of the unit is not suited for large breed dogs with larger heads. We are considering developing a large breed version, and would appreciate hearing from anyone that would be interested in such a product. Please email us and let us know what you'd like.


What kind and size food does the Perfect Petfeeder work with?

The Perfect Petfeeder was engineered to dispense any shape or size of dry pet food up to 3/4", which is larger than any food we're aware of made for cats or small to medium size dogs. The unit is not to be used with dry food that contains soft or "semi-moist" pieces.


What is the size of the unit and how much food does it hold?

The unit is 12.5" wide, 12" deep, and 22.5" high and it weighs about 30 lbs when full. The food storage "hopper" easily holds about 42 cups of food equal to an 8 to 10 lb bag of dry pet food.


Is it difficult to program?

Programming the Perfect Petfeeder could not be easier or more intuitive. In fact, we designed the interface so you could program it even without the manual. Using the three buttons you simply respond to yes/no questions and scroll numbers up or down to set meal times and amounts much like an alarm clock.


How much will it feed at each meal?

As little or as much as you like. The patented mechanism gives you finite control to consistently dispense the amount you want for each of your pet's meals, which can be as few as several pieces of kibble, to as much as several cups at a time. Each meal can be programmed to be the same amount or each can be a unique amount. And making adjustments as your pet's nutritional needs change is quick and easy.


How long is the power cord?

The included power cord supplies 9volt DC power to the unit and is 65" long. Note that the unit recieves it's operational (dispensing) power from the battery pack, NOT the power cord. The wall-power keeps the battery fully charged at all times, much like a cordless phone when on it's charging base. And this supplies the back-up power function.


Will it stop dispensing if there's food left in the bowl?

No, the Perfect Petfeeder was conceived as a reliable tool to provide pets with only the needed amount of food each day. If there is a pattern of increasing amounts of food being left in the bowl, then either the program should be adjusted or there may be a developing health issue that warrants investigation. If, however, you want to skip one or more meals for some reason, i.e. you and your pet will be away from home, you can easily put the unit into "suspend mode" which will stop meal dispensing until you release it to "idle mode".


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How does it work with two pets?

The unit easily feeds two pets provided they eat the same food in the same amounts. Every Perfect Petfeeder comes equipped with single bowl and two bowl components. To feed two pets, the two bowl components are installed and during initial programming, you will be asked if you are feeding 1 or 2 pets. If feeding two, then you simply enter the single meal amount and the unit will automatically double it. It's also easy to change between feeding one or two pets as described in the Product Guide.


How heavy is the Perfect Petfeeder?

The unit is 20 lbs when empty and about 28 lbs to 30 lbs when full. An integral handle located below the lid's hinge, makes it very easy to move or relocate.


Why can't I buy it in a store?

Quite simply, to ensure your satisfaction. By maintaining the relationship between you, the customer, and our friendly professional Service Team, we ensure that all communication and transactions are handled with the personal, professional attention they deserve. We may, one day, sell our products through retail outlets, but for now, have found the direct relationship to be the most satisfactory for our customers and our company.


Does it make much noise when operating?

No, in fact the only thing you are likely to hear is the light "plink-plink" sound as the food slides into the bowl at each meal. Of course that will be music to your pet's ears. The unit does include a very pleasant bell chime that you can optionally set to ring just before each meal.


How often do I need to clean the unit?

We recommend cleaning the food bowl as often as you would any other food bowl. We also recommend cleaning the other food contact parts about every 6 months as fine food particles and oils can build up and potentially bog down the mechanism, making it dispense less than the programmed amount or, given enough time, become inoperative. The Perfect Petfeeder is quick and easy to thoroughly clean.


Where is it made?

Every unit is assembled in our WA based facility from component parts that are made in the USA and abroad.


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What if I have a problem after the three-year warranty period?

We will be there to help, and we will not simply tell you to buy another one. In most cases, the unit or affected part can be quickly repaired for a nominal cost, and we will work with you to make it as convenient as possible.


How is the unit powered?

The Perfect Petfeeder receives its operational power from the installed, high-quality, rechargeable battery pack which is maintained fully charged by remaining plugged in using our safe, low-voltage, DC power supply. This system is similar to that found in cordless phones, and provides the power outage protection feature. (see next question)


How long will the battery last if there's a power outage?

In our testing, with units dispensing 5 or 6 meals daily, the battery has supplied sufficient power for 5 to 7 days of reliable operation.


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Is there much of an acclimation period.

During our research and development, we found, without exception, both cats and dogs quickly became comfortable around, and eating from the Perfect Petfeeder. Our customers have reported similar experiences. One exception is if the owner has been feeding their pet measured portions by hand, that at first, pets may be a little reluctant to eat when the owner is not present. In those cases, it took only several days to a week for their pets to become completely comfortable eating in their absence.


Will my dog be able to get into the unit and get at the food?

No. We have designed the appliance so that there is no way even the most determined pet can possibly reach the food inside or dislodge it by jostling or bumping the unit. The lid is "pet proof" and the unit would be very difficult to topple due to its weight, flared bottom design, and non-skid rubber feet. But just in case we include two wall mountable hooks that interface with recesses on the back of the unit. But to date, none of our customers report having to use them.


I have two kitties, one is a nibbler and the other inhales his food. Will the Perfect Petfeeder work for them?

Many of our two-pet customers have had the same circumstances, and to date, all their pets have quickly adapted to the consistent schedule of food availability. It may take several days, but the nibbler in your family will come to realize that if they don't eat at the scheduled meal times, they don't eat.


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