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Our Customers Words (and video)


I thought I would make and send along the following video to show how I , and the three kitties really do love these feeders. It has made the Casa Grande much less stressful! Zoe (the worst offender) has practically stopped begging for food!! That is an unreal accomplishment. I think they have all (all three cats) trimmed down a little bit as well.


(click above to play video)


Thank you,


M. Grande





Although this is almost redundant (there are so many positive reviews here!), I too have to concur: this is the single most important piece of pet equipment anyone can own. After three years of being awoken in a rage by a hungry/bored cat (truly an unbroken streak with not a single full night’s sleep in three years), I decided it was time to act.


I wanted to believe that the $24.95 plastic feeders that you see in pet stores or online would work, but let’s be honest – when has anything that cost that much, is made of plastic and Cliveweighs mere ounces worked? It’s expensive, sure, but you’ll get more use out of it than most other appliances that are sitting in your house. Piece of mind that your cat is fed even if you’re home a little late one night, plus a good night’s sleep…Show me a blender, lawn mower or piece of sporting equipment that can do that!


We’ve had ours for six months now and it has worked flawlessly. Incredibly easy to program, sturdy, clean and well-engineered – the makers have thought of everything. I expect it to last for years. I don’t have one negative comment to say about it.


My cat is also very happy with it – he adapted on the first day. Now the only reason I wake up at night (from time to time) is due to the force that shakes the bed as he happily bounds off to his 4 a.m. meal.


Stop debating and just buy it!



Sask, Canada




Thank you so much for this wonderful feeder! We were hesitant to buy it because we didn't think it would actually work, but it has consistently fed Lillie and Maxour two cats morning and night for months now. Ever since we adopted Max and Lillie we have been awoken by meows, yowls, and scratches on the door at 4 a.m. Not anymore! The cats were also reliably fed during a power outage because of the battery back-up. Thank you for helping us get a good night's sleep again!




Sarah and Adam

La Grange, Il




I wanted to write to you about your product and how it's positively impacted the lives of my dog, Bra'tac, and I.

I'm a shift worker. My set schedule rotates so sometimes I work during the day and have the evenings off, but other times I work nights and have days off. My job is very unpredictable. I barely manage to feed myself according to a regular schedule, never mind my best friend Bra'tac!
Bra'tac is an adorable dog with a sensitive stomach. He needs regularly scheduled, properly portioned meals. Freefeeding is not an option. I'd tried other automatic dispensers for days that I worked, but they made Bra'tac nervous. He could hear the grinding of the gears and would get obsessive waiting for hours for the lid to spring open. I had to work with him so that he didn't scratch at it and try to get it open on his own. I didn't want him spending his alone time like this. I was worried this would progress to a bigger behavioral or psychological issue. I also worried as I felt the other products out there weren't reliable.

I did some Internet research and most of the products looked the same: Plastic, flimsy, small, powered by disposable batteries. Then I found the site for the Perfect Pet Feeder. I'll be honest: the price did make me think twice. However, knowing what was out there, I knew this pet feeder was unique.

I ordered the pet feeder and I'm so glad I did! It's sturdy and reliable. Bra'tac thinks of it more like a piece of furniture or a fixture than a toy or game. He's never tried to open it himself. He never scratches at the bowl. At different times during the day, he'll return to the feeder to see if it's dispensed, but if it's not yet meal time he goes back to what he's doing, confident that it'll eventually serve him dinner. The best part is I can set it for as many meals as he needs in the exact proportions that he needs.

I love the "suspend meal" option so that when I'm on my days off, I can still bond with my dog by hand feeding him. Thank you Perfect Pet Feeder!

V Fox

Port Coquitlam, BC



First, I have to say that i am truly impressed not only with the product but with the level of customer service i have received.

Second, I love the feeder. It definitely is worth the wait and the money spent. Previously i owned 2 feeders, but neither did the job well. With the Smokey and Preciousperfect pet feeder the portion sizes come out to what you set it to, both my cats get equally fed, and they wait for that bell to ding, rather than waiting for me to get up in the morning, or come home to feed them.


Third, the design is amazing, set up is quick, and cleaning it was easy. Another great thing about it is that my cat can no longer stick her paw up the chute to grab extra morsels. That's what she did with the other feeder I had and her weight was out of control. Now my cats are at healthy weights. I recommend it to anyone who has a busy schedule like i do.

Thank you for this amazing product and for the excellent service you have provided.


Veronica C.

Dunedin, FL




My cat, Briana, loves loves her Perfect Petfeeder. She has become calm knowing that she will be fed at specific times. She was a rescued cat and Duchess Brianawas under a year in age when I got her. She was a bit overweight. At feeding time, she would frantically woof down her food. Dry food couldn’t be left out for her to graze because she would try to consume all of it. I started looking for timed feeders and wound up buying junk that fell apart and didn’t do what it claimed to do. When I found Perfect Petfeeder on the internet I immediately called you. You were very helpful, supportive.


The set up was easy. And that’s saying a lot as I am visually impaired. The only thing I need help with is programming. Maintenance and filling the bin is a cinch.


From the beginning Briana loved it. She instantly accepted the feeder and can hear it before I do when it begins to dispense. A year after purchasing the Perfect Petfeeder, her vet said she lost her extra weight, and is very healthy, overall. I know this; that "Duchess" Briana is happy. And when her highness is happy, everybody is happy.


Karen A.

Akron, OH




Thank you so much for the Perfect Pet Feeder! We have been using the feeder for about a month and it is working out really well. My 2 cats, Badger and Snorkel, were a little nervous for the first couple of days but now eagerly scamper to the feeder the minute the bell rings. I decided to switch Badger and Snorkelto a 5 smaller portion feeding from the two daily feedings before. I had been using the petsafe feeder which did the job but I was unhappy about the boys eating out of plastic. I love the fact that the Perfect Pet feeder uses a stainless steel hopper and bowls. It's a really well made appliance and though it's a tad expensive it looks like it will last a lifetime.


It took a bit of trial and error to get the portions right but the controls are pretty self-explanatory. The customer service rocks!! I had mistakenly run the battery down when I first set up the machine and their customer support returned my call within an hour and was super helpful solving the problem and answering questions. That's not a level of service you get from the big box stores!


Warm regards,


Sara G.
San Carlos, CA



First, I'd like to say how gorgeous the feeder looks. The instructions and setup was so easy. I love the little chime it gives when it's feeding time. Panda has a snack from her automatic pet feederPanda stops and runs to the feeder! Also, being that our past feeders wouldn't turn or give out the right amount of food. Well, we had to look each time to make sure Panda was getting the correct amount of food and sure enough..right each time!!! Thank you so much for your precise product and ease of use!


Kristine W.





Our cat is called "Potetes" ("small legs") and she is blind, as you can see in the picture. However, she is very happy and we love her. We really needed Potetes awaitsthe Perfect Petfeeder because our cat must eat only 50g each day and we didn't find any petfeeder that could divide that small quantity in various small parts. Besides, our kitty is so clever that she is able to open the "conventional" pet feeders! Thank you very much for all, we are sure that this new device will make our lives easier and our "Little legs" happier and healthier.


Best wishes!


Martin & Amanda

Valencia, Spain


I just wanted to give you a report on our Perfect Pet Feeder. So far it has worked like a Swiss Watch! My engineer husband was initially very impressed with the stainless steel welds and its beautiful design. We are both impressed with how easy it was to program and how accurate it is in its feedings and how well it splits the Emma and Madeline at the windowfood into the two bowls for our two cats. I was really hesitant about paying this much for a feeder and now I do not regret it at all. We will be going on a month-long trip this summer and now I don't have to worry about what time my son arrives each day to feed my cats. They will be fed the right amount at the right time. And they won't blimp out each time we take a trip like they usually do.


It took about a week for them to get used to it. It was just different than their normal ceramic feeding dishes. But, now they are old pros. Thank you for such a fine product!




Jane M.

Seattle, WA


Just wanted to let you know the feeder arrived safely last week, after an initial delay to get a power cord adapter that works in Australia , it was all Abby and Ziva eat from thier pet feederup and running very easily. Thank you for ensuring its safe arrival, we are very happy with it and it lives up to all its claims and testimonials.


We have recently introduced a 12 week old kitten (Ziva) to our beloved 4 yr old (Abby) which was not a success and very stressful as Abby was used to all the privileges of an only child....... oops I mean cat! We were apprehensive as to how they would cope with the feeder as feed time had been a point of conflict. After initially trying the 2 bowl system, we found the single bowl works better for the time being with both heads happily bumping away at the same time. We feel this has helped with the overall acceptance of Ziva by Abby.....another plus for the Perfect Pet Feeder.


We have also enjoyed our first weekend of not being woken up at some ridiculously early time for a feed......we found the cats quite content sitting in adulation of the feeder.


Darren & Kate W.

Victoria Australia




Please allow me to commend you on your communication to potential customers during the time you were fine-tuning the new and improved Queen KekePerfect Pet Feeder. When I received your email announcing the debut, I couldn't order fast enough. Also, the discount you offered was much appreciated!


This was definitely worth the wait! I have used 3 different feeders in the last 5 years which were able to be purchased at mass merchandisers. Their quality and features were limited. The Perfect Pet Feeder solves my problems in feeding my two cats who are on a strict diet and must be fed at specific times.


King CadoThank you for this quality product. If only more companies would take pride in their products like you have. Thank you much for making me and my cats lead less stressful lives.


Celeste F.







"We’ve had the Perfect Pet Feeder for about 2 weeks. I am very happy with the way it looks and how easy it was to put together and program. My Yorkie-Poo, Jessica, is allergy prone and has a sensitive stomach. For sanitary reasons, I don’t use plastic and wouldn’t have settled Jessie has a new Best Friend, her automatic dog feeder.for anything other than stainless. I was more than a little leery about the price tag on the feeder, but it met every criteria on my list and then some. Jessica was not a free-feeder, so she might be taking a little longer to be completely comfortable with it. Even so, most meals do not go uneaten, so she's moving along nicely. Of course, not having to get up at 5:30 a.m. and not having to be home at exactly 5:30 p.m. because she’s starving is worth everything to me. Thank you for a wonderful product."


Laura & Jessica

Salem, OR




"The Perfect Petfeeder saved my Marley's life. From the time I got Marley as a kitten (pictured grooming his sister Abby), I knew he was different. His appetite and personality Marley and his siater is more like a dog. A big HUNGRY dog! I quickly learned that I could not leave dry kibble, (or any food for that matter), out for him to graze as I have always done with cats. He literally would eat until his bowels were blocked with kibble. I had him to the emergency Vets several times (at incredible cost), had him on special foods, medicines, etc. but they didn’t help. It was disheartening.


I had to do something drastic and quick! So I started him on a strict diet. Soon, he was haunting me day and night for the teaspoons of kibble I would dole out to him, and of course, I would sometimes give him too much and it was off to the vets again. It became a choice between having him go nuts and be terribly unhappy because I couldn't give him any dry food, or having him die. I bought a couple of timed pet feeders which he quickly learned how to knock into for his kibble prize. I came across the Perfect Petfeeder on one of my searches, and even though it was expensive, decided I had to give it a try.


I was struck by the construction of this feeder and how stylish it looked. But best of all, it was Marley proof! I set it to give Marley 5 small meals of kibble throughout the day and night. Well, it's been over a year, and not one visit to the Animal emergency room! Marley is a happy boy now. And he leaves me alone except when it's wet food time. What a relief! Now me and Marley are friends again! Thank you for this feeder! You don't know how happy you've made me and my Marley."


Peggy T.

New Jersey




"We have been using automatic pet feeders for the past 8 years and have tried just about every brand and model on the market. We have never been satisfied until we These two dogs love thier dog feedersgot our Perfect Petfeeders. We have two Springer Spaniels and they each have their own feeder (they don't like to share). Their feeders are set to go off at the same time and they both eat at their own feeder. Rather than feeding them one big meal each day, they happily get four small meals over the course of the day.


There are cheaper pet feeders on the market, but the various models we tried were all of inferior quality and had several problems. For example, some would dribble out small amounts of food when the dogs would nudge or lick at the feeder (this got really annoying because the dogs would be nudging/licking the feeders all day long). Other feeders would jam and/or the augers would frequently break. Fortunately all of these problems went away when we got our Perfect Petfeeders a couple of years ago. They are expensive, but are a better value that the competition because the quality is so much better (you aren't buying expensive parts all the time). An added bonus is that their customer service has been exceptional!"


Peter and Cara

Juneau, AK




"Thank you so much for making this perfect pet feeder! We started to look for a new feeder for our 2 cats when our old feeder started to have problems after 2 years. My bf and I were a little hesitant because of the price but after reading the rave reviews and all of the great features we decided to give this a shot. We have had the feeder for about 2 months now and are very happy! It was super Two kittys having luncheasy to put together with clear directions. Our cats had started to wake us up every morning around 4 am to eat and it was really affecting our sleep. Now we have all 6 times set up with the first feeding starting at 4am. We can now get our sleep and don't have to worry about being woken up. We love the design, reliability, the backup power, the ability to wash the dishes, and everything about it!! Thank you for such a wonderful product."


Emily H.

North Wales, PA




"We discovered the Perfect Petfeeder when looking for a feeder that could be programmed to feed our two cats when we could not be home in time for supper. We had tried making the cats wait but they were so hungry when we returned, they would “wolf” the food down and often throw up after.


So, we had been looking for a feeder, going to pet shows, browsing through pet shops, asking around, and, of course, searching on the Internet. We wanted quality but, we had quite a shock when we saw the PRICE of the Perfect Petfeeder! After reading the reviews, taking the money back guarantee into account and remembering the problems the owners of the other petfeeders had, we decided to take the risk.


WOW! Really worth the money.


(click above to play video)


We found the Perfect Petfeeder to be a completely new convenience for pet owners. Really innovative! We thought we were buying a feeder that we would use occasionally. What we got instead is an appliance that has completely taken over the task of the regular feeding of our two cats! It is clean, safe, reliable, and beautiful.


The food in the hopper stays just as fresh as it does in the bag We have programmed four meals a day (the kitties seem happier with more frequent but smaller meals and their stomachs fair better that way - the total amount of food is the same as they had with two manual meals before) and the meals always get served ON TIME. LOVE it! The cats adapted to the machine very quickly and they each adopted “their” side right from the start.


To be a little different, instead of sending pictures, we prepared a little video featuring Tixie, a 10 year old Lynx Point Siamese, Sam Edward, a 5 year old Rudy Abyssinian and the Perfect Petfeeder, one afternoon in March 2009 at 5 pm…


Thank you, again!"


Rejane & Wayne C.





"My 9 year old Dobie, Trinity, is a senior dog with stomach issues that needs to eat 5 small meals a day otherwise she becomes ill. After years of being tied to making sure to be home to feed her throughout the day, I finally decided to give this petfeeder a try. And WOW! I have tried ALL the petfeeders on the market, and each one I returned. This however is the most incredible product I have ever come across, they have truly thought of EVERYTHING and the workmanship is 5 star!


doberman with dog feeder.It's easy to program, it's durable, has backup power in case of a power outage, easy to clean and it is very accurate which was very important to us. This product is truly amazing, the cost nearly drove me away however after living with it for a few months I would have paid double knowing the freedom it has given me."


Toshia M.

Carnation, WA






"Since my husband and I (and our cats Max and Min) received and commissioned our Perfect Pet Feeder last year we have been loving it. I think we both agree that it is the best piece of consumer engineering we have seen in a long time, with no details or design features overlooked or cheaply done. We are both mechanical engineers by trade and we really enjoy seeing products designed and built to such high standards. My husband was not at all put off by the price once he had it set up. He kept saying "wow" as he unpacked things and put it together. And I had it programmed and dispensing food to the cats in about 10 minutes.


max and min with their programmable feeder.Minerva was well on her way to becoming a chunky girl instead of the petite girl she is meant to be and since switching to "perfect pet feeding", she has dropped back down to a trim 9 lbs. It didn't take long and it was entirely painless for all of us. Now that she's trimmed down, she has much more energy to fly around the house and pounce on her brother. No more begging and carrying on either - they know now that we are not the food dispensers. Instead, they wait patiently by as feeding time arrives or come running when the chime goes off (sometimes just to watch the food come out, I've decided). Thanks again for a great product and great customer service."


Lisa D.

Richland, WA



"Let me say to you..."THANK YOU FOR CREATING SUCH A WONDERFUL MACHINE." My 8 year old beagle, Nigel, was constantly begging for food. He Nigel and his automatic dog feederwould wake me up at 4:30am to feed him and then again at 6am. I'd been looking at your web site for 6 months and read the reviews. I've had mine for over two months and am enjoying full night's rest and a satisfied beagle'


Nigel still doesn't know where the bell chime is coming from, but he does know that the food will be dropping soon. Funny story...we were watching "The Queen" and whenever the Queen rang her bell, Nigel went running to the kitchen. I love this product. I'll keep it



Jennifer J.

Chicago, Il



Ann G. of Chandler, AZ was so excited to get her units for her two dogs that she just had to share it with the world by posting this video on the internet!


                  Skye & Chewy get their new automatic dog feeder.


"We love the pet feeders!! My husband was all over them and was more excited to get them programmed than I was...guys guys guys (LOL). Chewy has finally learned that his food comes from the feeder not me. Thanks again. We really appreciate the unparalleled customer service we got from your company. Kudos to you! Keep it up!" -- Ann





"Thank you again for this WONDERFUL machine! The last 2 we tried didn't work. One broke and the other one, our Kaya and Fredcat Fred figured out how to get food out of, fed himself, and gained 3 pounds! Bengal cats are very smart and curious. It was funny to see him "try" and stick his paw up your feeder but no food comes out this time like the previous ones. Our sleep has improved with no more early morning wake ups! We work late and go to the gym after work so we no longer worry about getting home to feed them by a certain hour. Fred has even lost a pound or two! We are very happy and satisfied and so are the felines. Thank you, again!"


Julie W.
San Francisco, CA




"Abby, my 10 year old lab mix, loves her Perfect Pet Feeder. And I love theAbby loves her programmable dog feeder.  feeder because I now no longer have to worry if my day runs long. I hated that she used to have to wait hungry for me to make it home. I am very happy with how precise the portion control guidelines were written. The machine operates quietly and is very easy to program. I also appreciate the excellent customer service! Thanks! I look forward to your future products."


Dan B.

Lauderdale Lakes, FL







"We have long searched for a solution to the problem of reliably feeding our cat, Mr. Meowgi when we occasionally travel. We are lucky to have trusted friends to come and maintain personal contact with him, but were reluctant to ask that they come for each of his feeding times. We had no luck with a carousel type feeder as our cat has a doctorate in engineering and quickly foiled the security of that contraption.


As other purchasers of your product, we were hesitant to spend such a large amount of money on this problem, but testimonials from your Meowgi and his cat feeder and reviews convinced us to give it a try. The feeder arrived quickly, was a snap to assemble, and incredibly intuitive to program. There was absolutely no delay or hesitancy from Meowgi in eating from the feeder and he definitely cannot get to the food between feedings. We were a bit concerned when he spent most of the first day in his room waiting for this magic machine to dole out the next treasure, but that behavior quickly abated. We now use the feeder when we are home as well, as it can more reliably adhere to the feeding schedule and quantity best suited to Meowgi's needs than we can. I love the design, especially the modular motor configuration and the magnetically affixed feeding bowl. You have produced a nicely engineered product that works extremely well and we are very pleased with our purchase."


Kerry and Patty E.

Dillon, CO




"Honestly, when I first considered your product, I was actually a little angry that I would have to spend $500 on a pet feeder. It seemed absurd, but I knew I had to do it.


Phoenix, who I'd rescued as a feral orphan, is a hoarder. He would wake me Kiki nad Phoenix have a pet feeder snackup at the ungodly hour of 6-7 a.m. every morning. I worried whenever work or going out after work delayed their dinner. And whenever I'd go on vacation, I'd have to fill their bowls, as I couldn't expect a friend who was watching them to keep to their schedule. I'd worry all vacation and return to find they'd eaten about five times their normal amount and had diarrhea. Phoenix was overweight and Kiki, my little SPCA girl, was starting to pack on the pounds too.


I'd tried all the other kinds of feeders and all of them were a joke. Flimsy. Easy to break into. Easy to knock over. Etc., etc., etc. Then I found you! Based on your web site, I was fairly sure I wouldn't be disappointed, but there's always the fear you'll get duped, or that your cats are different.


Phoenix took to it immediately. Kiki took a few days to get it. Then it took a few weeks to settle on the best feeding schedule. Now we're in the groove and it truly has changed my life. I'd sum it up in two words: freedom and happiness. They get their regular meals at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. and a snack at noon and midnight. Now they don't wake me up in the morning, I can have a social life at night, I never worry about them when I'm on vacation, and I'm not irritated with them being under foot like they were when I hand-fed them. They've lost weight and are maintaining healthy physiques and they seem more content, confident and are closer friends.


I don't dwell on the cost anymore because what I got in return is priceless. Thank you for inventing this product, which truly is the perfect pet feeder!"


Cheryl S.

Key West, FL





"I had originally been comparing prices on a different pet feeder, when I ran across the Perfect Petfeeder while searching online. As I was reading about it on your web site, I knew it was going to cost more, but the price still threw me when I saw it. However, I had become sold on the features and apparent quality, such as the metal parts, and eventually came to terms with the price. It's a well designed product that works very well, and the instructions were very comprehensive.


My cats didn't quite know what to make of it at first, but were very curious and Skittles and Mysticadjusted to it pretty quickly, within a day or two. I think they like getting fed more frequently during the day at regular intervals. They now don't pester me for food, since they expect the feeder to serve them instead of me. They just about run over anything in their way to get to it once its bell rings at the set time. It has proven to be very reliable. I really like that they can't defeat it, as they were able to with the rotating lid unit that I used to sometimes use. A very cool pet feeder - the best one I've encountered."


Charles C.

Duncanville, TX




"After three months with the Perfect Petfeeder, I have only compliments and thanks. I started looking into getting an automatic feeder when I grew tired (literally) of my cats waking me up in the wee hours of the morning begging for food. I never tried any of the other pet feeders because I was convinced that if my cats could figure out how to open cabinets to get at their food, then they could figure out how to get into the more traditional feeders. I was sold after reading your website and analyzing your design.


Almost immediately after setting the petfeeder up, my cats stopped waking me up. Instead, they seemed Maya and Wiley enjoy their timed pet know right away that they had to wait for the chime. I can't tell you how nice it is to wake up to happy kittens sleeping next to me as opposed to meowing kittens jumping all over me. The feeder also gives me more peace of mind when I go away for the weekend or even on long trips. I still ask friends to come over and check on my cats, but I no longer have fret about asking them to come in the morning and the evening or worry about whether they will actually be able to come by every day."


Thanks again,


Amy E.
Pasadena, CA




"My search for a feeder started when the battery operated pop-up feeder I was using didn't open. I was determined to find one that plugs in. That's when I came across the Perfect Petfeeder. The website was great. Any questions or concerns I had were easily answered. But $500?? That's like buying an appliance! I tried to rationalize how this product could Nikko and Ollie dining together with the electronic pet feeder.possibly be worth that much. I finally made the decision to give it a shot because I knew that if it did all it said it would, then my peace of mind alone was worth it. So I ordered it. The unit arrived much faster than I thought. The packaging was excellent. The instructions were detailed, yet simple. And the unit itself was of far better quality than some appliances I've purchased! I quickly set it up and my two cats adjusted to it immediately. It was fun to watch them race to it when the chime went off!


But a few weeks later I suddenly lost my precious 6-year-old cat (Mittens) and my 2-year-old (Nikko) no longer would go to the feeder. It was a very tough time for all of us. I sent an email to the Pillar Pet Products Service Team, and Scott responded right away. His words of sympathy and encouragement are what kept me believing that we would get through this. So the first thing we did was adopt another kitty (Ollie). Once Nikko and Ollie were adjusted to each other I tried the feeder again. Ollie, however, was an extremely aggressive eater so the feeder wasn't working well. Ollie was pushing Nikko away. By this point my correspondence with Scott was ongoing. He would check in on us to see how things were going. When I explained this new issue I was having he quickly suggested ways to slow down Ollie's way of eating. The feeder was put on hold. It took some time, patience and monitoring but it paid off! Ollie has adjusted nicely and I'm very happy to say the feeder is back in operation!!


For all that I've gone through since purchasing this feeder and the unbelievable, over-the-top assistance I received from the company, this new "appliance" of mine was truly one of the best purchases I've ever made.

Rosemary S.
Madison, NJ




"I purchased the Perfect Petfeeder because I was at my wits end with my clever and determined cats. I had previously tried 4 different pet feederGabriel and his pet feeder.products all of which were easily defeated by my cats resulting in them eating at will. Gabriel (in the picture) is the tenacious one who has defeated all pet feeders before the Perfect Petfeeder. I have been using the mine for about two months now and my cats have not been able to access the food or in any way defeat it.


As an engineer, I am most impressed with the design of the feeding mechanism, the quality of the craftsmanship of the unit, the ease of cleaning, the overall look of the product, and – again - my cat's inability to defeat it! The cats tried for about a week to pull food from the unit or push it over and even open the top all without success. They have stopped trying and are now on a well balanced feeding program that has resulted in them achieving their ideal and healthy weight. I wished I had found this product before I spent far more money on other brands that absolutely did not work. I have been completely satisfied with this product and would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a reliable feeder for their cats!"



Linda R.
Nashua, NH




"Our recently adopted 3 year old Siamese often vomited after eating unless his portions are limited. So we set out on a quest to find a reliable feeder that was durable, precise, and "cat-proof". Your product was the second auto feeder we tried, the first being one of those 8 feeder circle types. Took Ralphie about 3 days to figure out how to reach the next section ahead of time and, essentially, the plastic mechanism was no longer reliable. Price being the one thing that held us back initially, we finally decided that making the investment was worthwhile since there really were no other options Ralphie enjoys his timed feedings.good enough. The feeder came 2 days ago and we are thrilled. It was easy to program and set up, directions are a snap. Coming from a family full of engineers, we are impressed with the construction and design from the inside out. Though early in our user life, if this feeder continues to work as well as it does right now we'll be using this for years to come. Thank you."


Linda C.

Savannah, GA




"I began looking for an automatic pet feeder out of sheer desperation. Spencer, my 8 year old cat, was waking me up several times during the night wanting to eat. It was effecting my health, my attitude, and of course then, his attitude. I had tried the plastic feeders you can find at local pet stores but Spencer would figure out how to open those (he's a very smart boy!). This company has taken into consideration real life cat behavior with this product and have covered all of the bases.


Spensor and Gracie enjoy portion feeding.Expensive, yes, but you get what you pay for, I certainly have and it was well worth it! On the second night of use Spencer let me sleep through the night. First time in 8 years! And as an added bonus both cats are perkier, entertained, and get so excited when the machine dispenses the food, and that's just great to watch! Any questions you may have are quickly answered by contacting the Company. The tech and moral support they offer are exceptional."


Linda H.

Indianapolis, IN






"Our family can't thank you enough for developing the Perfect Petfeeder. It truly is Perfect! We would often worry about getting home in time to feed our dog, Sheldon, who's one very food driven animal. If our daughter had an Sheldon and his dog feeder.after school lesson, we would come home to a crazed dog. And, we would feel quite guilty having him wait for our return. I researched other pet feeders and found too many comments about jammed units, or regarding dogs and even cats being able to break into the feeder. Our little guy was already a few pounds overweight. The last thing that we needed was Sheldon breaking into a feeder (he would if he could) and eating his fill. Since we have had the Perfect Petfeeder, we come home to a happy, and a couple of pounds lighter, Sheldon. We were also extremely pleased with the ease of set up. Our twelve year old daughter set up the feeder and I, who is somewhat technically challenged, easily programmed the unit. Plus, we were happy to have such a well designed and good looking feeder in our kitchen area. One last kudos, we do our best to support environmentally conscious companies and companies that keep jobs in the U.S. Thank you Pillar Pet Products for your amazing product and your commitment to running a stellar company."


C. Mintz

Kirkland, WA




"We are proud to have the first Perfect Petfeeder in Europe, and we really appreciate all your help with getting it to us. Anyway, our little furry kidsKitties at their feeder. love their new "toy". They recently stayed at my parents place while we were moving and it definitely helped with the transition. And my parents love this machine too! Our two cats, "Fiocco" (means "snowflake in italian) and "Piment" (means "red pepper" in french) are very happy. Thank you again for everything."


Stephanie & Luc B.

Cern, Switzerland




"After many months, Nueve hit her target weight this week and we had to share! She is now so active and playful and living it up by jumping on counters and other high places she hasn't been able to access for such a long time. And chasing the other cats around Nueve hits her target weight! Horaay for the aautomatic cat feeder!also, too funny! Lounging around on the kitchen counters really isn't something we encourage, but we're turning a blind eye once in awhile until the thrill of it wears off for her :) This may be more info than you want, but another plus, a HUGE plus, is that she can keep herself and her rear end clean now. We had to help her with that for quite a long time and was one of the main reasons I decided we had to get this situation under control. What a happy day it was when we discovered she could reach all the way around again!!!


Her beautiful coat is somewhat stretched out from all those years of carrying the extra weight, so she's wearing a "large robe" of loose skin that we're hoping with more time will snug up a little, but if not, that's ok too, she feels so great and we're so happy for her that she gets to be, and act like, a cat again! Thanks SO MUCH, we couldn't have done it without you!!!!!!"


Margo H

Hereford, AZ



"Mauee loves the Perfect Pet Feeder. I know she looks a little confused in the picture. She didn’t understand why I would ask her to sit by her feederMauee and her automatic dog feeder. and wait to eat so I could take her picture. She has been much calmer being fed multiple times a day, on schedule. The quality of the machine is impressive. I trust it to work if I am gone overnight, knowing the battery backup will work even if the power goes out. Great product."


Mike B.

Central Point, OR





"This has to be the best feeder on the market today. I searched for a long time looking for something like this but didn't think it existed. My previous automatic feeder was such a poor design and of such poor quality that it was virtually useless. It ran on batteries that were supposed to last for 1 year.....they barely lasted 2 weeks.


paulie and archie are happier because of the automatic cat feeder.The Perfect Petfeeder is made of high quality materials, is sturdy, operates perfectly every time, is easy to program, easy to clean. We really like how the manual is simple to understand with complete information that didn't leave us guessing about anything. I have ours programmed to dispense food every 4 hours, 6 times a day. I no longer have a hungry begging cat pestering me for food 1-2 hours before mealtimes. When I started using the feeder, I had only one cat. Now that I've got two, I easily changed the configuration to the two-bowl system. There was no break-in period... they took to it right away. We just have to be careful not to be in their way when it chimes, or they will knock us down in their haste to get to the food! It's so nice to be able to be gone for the day, or even overnight, without worrying about their meals. They love it, and my husband and I love it too."


Jean M

Milford, DE





"Where were you guys a year ago!? I could have saved the $150 - and A LOT of frustration - if I'd had your product at the start. I Jackhad tried two other automatic feeders and Jack, (my Jack Russell Terrier) who is not an aggressive dog, was able to paw food from the openings of both of them and eventually got into the food, making the whole concept worthless.


I was VERY happy to finally find out about your perfect pet feeder and was particularly impressed with the all stainless steel construction. Now - at last - I have what I want and need. I've not been this pleased with a household purchase since buying my Dyson vacuum several years ago. You guys really did your homework. And I very much appreciate it. Definitely worth every penny, as promised."


All the best,

James & Jack

Post Falls, ID





"Thanks so much for designing this! We just love the feeder and it’s such a relief to not have to worry if I get home late or want to sleep in. We also traveling catstake it with us and the cats in our RV and if we’re out sightseeing all day, they’re just fine until we get back. They get so excited when the chime goes off that they remind me of the road runner – they levitate and they’re gone! The ice dispenser on my fridge evidently sounds the same as the food dispenser to one of my cats, so when I’m getting ice she runs to the feeder. Too Funny!"


Linda J.

Escondido, CA




"I love, love, love these feeders! The quality, alone, is outstanding. They're solid and gorgeous and are exactly what I and "the girls" needed. I purchased two, and one is set up with one bowl and the other with two. It did take a couple of days for them to get completely comfortable, but now their fiveThree Happy Girls eat from the cat feeders.  small meals a day are just part of our routine. I not only love the ease and care of the feeders, but the peace of mind I have, knowing they are portion fed on a regular basis while I am gone for the day or not able to be home for dinner time feeding just gives me one less worry. "The girls" and I love it!"


Suzette D., Fiona, Zoe, & Indigo

Fall City, WA






"We have been using the Perfect Petfeeder for over 6 months now, and we can't tell you how happy we are. Our cat has a medical condition that requires her to eat six small meals each day. SundaeWe cannot leave food out for her as she consumes everything in sight. The Perfect Petfeeder is our new best friend (and our cat's also). It faithfully has been delivering an exact measure of food at every mealtime. It seems our cat is also learning to tell time, as she walks into the room waiting for her "favorite ding" signaling her meal!




Al M.

Rome, GA





"I _love_ this feeder. It's totally changed my life and I am SO happy!!! I tell kiyoshi and Izumi relax after dinnereveryone I know with pets about it, and urge them to invest in one. I even paid 170$ in taxes and custom fees to get it here - still worth every penny! My schedule has always been hectic, but now I never have to worry about my two kitties at home because they're always happy, and full:) The auto pet-feeder market is full of cheap solutions that don't work, so it's great that your product works perfectly and is so beautiful!


Thanks again,"


Amanda H.

Toronto, ON




"This is one of the best appliances introduced into our home. No more getting in trouble from unfriendly felines when we arrive home and their food bowl has been empty for hours. And no more Happy kittyimposing upon neighbors when we leave for a weekend. We had tried other automated systems that were very difficult to control and that failed because they became jammed, the poor cats had literally tipped the feeder trying to get at the food they could see inside. Not with the Perfect Petfeeder. When we leave home we know that it will deliver every time. No more unfriendly cats. If our cats are happy we are happy. This appliance is worth the investment. We endorse it 100%."

Ruth & Cindy

Mercer Island, WA





"Thank you for this great automatic pet feeder! After just a few weeks, our Ally atop her Perfect Petfeederkitties, Ally and Basho, have adjusted to eating from the feeder. When the chime sounds, they run to it for their next meal. They aren't constantly begging for food anymore and they aren't waking us up at 5:00 a.m. either. As an added bonus, Ally has figured out that, between meals, the perfect feeder doubles as the perfect perch!


Thanks again."


Mary S.
Seattle, WA










"The Perfect Pet Feeder has simplified our lives in many ways. Neeko, a Belgian Malinois, is a special needs dog that was rescued from an abusive, neglectful environment that left him with severe food-related issues. As a result, he has to be fed at 8am, 4pm, and midnight every day. This task was difficult to achieve without the Perfect Pet Feeder because we work from 8am to 5pm. While our schedules change slightly and sometimes we’re homeNeeko the Belgian Malinois  during the day, we feel relaxed knowing that Neeko won’t miss a feeding.

Since starting with this feeder, Neeko gets his regulated 2-1/8 cups 3 times a day whether we are here or not. The size is compact for the amount of food that the hopper can hold, and we are confident in the containment of the food to leave the unit in Neeko’s enclosed area during the day. We searched for quite a while but had not seen any like product as accommodating or as visually appealing as this one. We love the flexibility and ease of programming this machine as well as its appealing design!"



Denise L.

Aurora, CO




"My first weekend with the Perfect Petfeeder was MAGNIFICENT!!! Other than two or three half-hearted meows (out of habit I think) the cats let me sleep till I woke up naturally around 8am -- the first time in more than a year!! Seriously, when I first found your product, I thought maybe someone was making up the testimonials -- but the machine is really that good.

Ninja and Felicity at their feeder.Now, after using the pet feeder for a week, I can also echo the themes of the other testimonials -- that there are many benefits in addition to the extra sleep for me. The "girls" are less stressed about food and they seem to be regulating their eating better (leaving a few crumbs at each meal - rather than wolfing down everything and then crying for more). This is especially important since Felicity's vet told me she was becoming "Rubenesque" which I do not think was a compliment. The pet feeder also provides a source of exercise -- when the bell rings, they zoom across the floor at the speed of light. The machine is elegant in appearance and very sturdy. Ninja even jumped on top of it to see if she could figure out where the food was coming from. She couldn't. It is easy to program and once you understand how it works, very easy to change (I deleted one of the feeding times, and changed the time of another -- all within a minute). Love themagnet feature holding the feeding bowls -- they are easy to pop off and clean, then pop right back on. And yesterday the power went out when I was at work (I came home to all the clocks flashing), but the Perfect Petfeeder was working fine and had lost no time. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and highly recommend it to others. The $500 price tag gave me pause -- but now that I have used it, I understand it is a quality piece of equipment and represents a long term investment in "the girls" future."



Melanie P.

Gainesville, FL




"The perfect perfeeder works like a charm! Our Goldie now looks to the Goldie by his feederperfect petfeeder instead of us for his food and he sometimes sleeps beside it. This is a perfect product indeed, a very quality one. It's worths every dollar I've spent.


Thank you for everything!


Warm regards from Greece,"


Eleftheria M.
Athens, Greece





"We have used the Perfect Petfeeder for over a week and are very pleasedT.C. the Thunder Cat with the product. The design and implementation remind me of the look and quality of Apple Computer products. The unit dispenses the small quantity of food six times a day that we desire to insure TC’s health.

We have tried three competing products over the last few years and find your product superior to all. Thanks for a superior product and the extra bowl we received today."


Fred H.

Boulder City, NV





"I was a little put off by the price, and the fact that I'd never heard of Pillar before. But curiosity (and necessity) got the better of me, and I finally ordered one of your units... And, well, the short version is this: The build quality is stunning, it's well thought out, and well, it works! How 'bout that. Worth every penny, and then some.


If you guys could apply your design magic and solve the horrible state of affairs that is the automated litter box, I'd be forever indebted to you! Regardless, brilliant product, and thank you for making it!"



Chicago, Il





"We absolutely love it and are looking forward to reaping the real benefit of the purchase later this summer. My family owns a cottage on the river - we Alvin and Olivercan be across the river and back home in about 15 minutes. But either my husband or I have always had to run home Saturday morning and night and Sunday morning for the past several summers just to feed Alvin and Oliver. We are so looking forward to being able to just stay on the river the entire weekend this summer since your Perfect Petfeeder will handle the rest. Thank you so much for this extremely well constructed, attractive, and reliable product!"



Middletown, PA





"We found the Perfect Petfeeder after looking at some really shoddy-looking plastic feeders online. As soon as we read the website description of the perfect petfeeder we knew it would be good for us and the cats. We have one overweight kitty (Rosco), and one average weight kitty (Sissy). They'd been teaming up to harrass us out of bed earlier and earlier each morning, and I worried about Rosco's weight, Cats Sissy and Rosco loungingknowing that he needed to be eating smaller meals throughout the day, even though we're at work.

The first day we began to use it, the cats were VERY suspicious of the machine when it would spit out the food. They snuck over to it and cautiously ate. But, that morning, they left us alone until 5 am - a big improvement considering they usually have us up by 4 am. They are still a little unsure of the feeder when it chimes and dispenses, but they eat every time!

It was nice to be away from home on Thanksgiving, knowing they were getting a consistent feeding schedule even though we were gone. The machine itself is incredibly well-made and nice-looking. I have no concerns that it will fall apart or that the cats will be able to knock it over. The battery back-up is a big relief because we often have power outages out here in the country.

I'm so excited to have found this product! It's one of the best things we've ever bought. I still smile every time I hear the chime and the tinkling of the food hitting the bowls. The cats let us sleep in till we woke up at nearly 8am the other morning. Lovely!

We are greatful to the creators. Thank you so much."

Cassandra D.
Winlock, WA



"Our long journey for the perfect automatic pet feeder started with a little fuzzy girl named Ali. After being stationed in Australia, we decided to get a beautiful peach spotted Australian Mist as a companion for RufusAli and Rufus eating from their automatic feeder . Well, we had no idea what we were in for. Sweet and innocent was Ali at first, and then her love for food began. We always had automatic feeders because Rufus was quite a bit over weight when we got him. This helped us to give three meals a day without the demand of begging. Well, Ali decided she was smarter than the feeder. We went on a four day holiday and even with someone looking in on Rufus and Ali daily we came back to our little lady looking very much like a Sumo wrestler. She had managed to push the top hard enough to have a merry-go-round of food. She definitely took advantage of the buffet. We decided to purchase the same style of feeder again (it was the best we could find at the time). She was relentless, all hours you could here her popping her paw in and out of the bowl. Her reward each time was a few pieces of food. We were at a loss.


Research led me to the same or similar product to what we already had, or the feeders that drop food which had reviews of lightly being bumped and food coming out or cats putting their paw up the shoot and rubbing their paws raw. We searched and searched and thank goodness we are not alone. Someone who experienced the same circumstance as us invented the Perfect Petfeeder. That is exactly what it is. We have had it for weeks now with not a single incident. Even though it has a shoot she cannot get her paw up it because the divider in the middle of the shoot does not allow it. I have every confidence it will keep her in line and make it easy on those taking care of our fuzzy kids while we are on vacation for a few weeks this time. Thank you so much Perfect Petfeeder, Ali has met her match!


Also, I want to mention your customer service is beyond the best I have ever had. You really went above and beyond answering our million questions as well as sending it to our APO in Australia. We are definitely going to tell many people about how amazing your product is.




Chris O.

Brisbane, Australia





"I just want to say that this feeder is truly the top of the line machine. We had the run-around with a different feeder company from Texas and we hadKitties at their automatic pet feeder to pay express shipping for this feeder in the last minute. We are glad we did. It is easy to set up and use. The packaging, the designing and the functioning are all top notch. I started to recommend it to my friends the night I received the feeder. You get what you pay for and why not pay for one that will last?"

George and Rachel Wang with Tonie and Sammie
Dousman, WI




"Dear Pillar Pet Products: I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with my Perfect Petfeeder. I have had several other products from the market and have always been disappointed until now. Having 2 very determined Bengal cats it is important for me to maintain an uninterrupted feeding schedule. Without a reliable automatic feeder I have learned (at all hours of the night) the cats take over the household. The product is so well engineered and constructed that I could never imagine going back to any of the other products I previously tried that would last for only a few months before I had to replace them. Thank you again. The Perfect Petfeeder has been a worthwhile investment."



Ralph Buster

Canton, Ohio




"Who in their right mind would pay $500.00 for a pet food dispenser? I didn't think I would. But after thoroughly reading about your product and the customer reviews, I knew this was the feeder I wanted for my two cats. It is very impressive...well built, solid, looks great, very easy to program...exactly as advertised! Sammie took to it right away. Sassie is slowly adjusting. After 10 days, she cautiously eats from her dish. Thank you for a very dependable pet food dispenser with stainless parts. Sammie and I love it! Sassie will learn to love it, too. She just takes a little longer to adjust to change."


Teresa M.

Shavertown, PA





"Things are going smoothly with the feeder. Our cats are now tuned into the quiet sound of the motor reversing just before it dispenses food, and are always in mid-run by the time it starts dropping food into their bowls.  Kesari is down about a quarter of a pound--he needs to loose about 4 pounds--and Whisper is holding at her healthy, slim weight. We find that 5 small feedings a day works best. They aren't stressed over when they'reCats Kesari and Whisper longing around next meal is, and no longer bug us first thing in the morning for breakfast. I really like how well this feeder is designed. It's so easy to operate and clean. Our last feeder, an $80.00 plastic thing, was messy, unreliable, and terribly complicated to operate. I always had to keep the manual handy. But with yours, I haven't had to check the instructions since we first programmed it.

We're really happy with our feeder!"

Bayne W.

Calgary, AB





"The Perfect Pet Feeder is working PERFECTLY! Every time the chime goes off, we are just as excited as Kayla! We are always on the go and Kayla would hardly ever get fed at the same time every day and it was even worse on the weekends. This is the first time that she is getting fed on aKayla kitty enjoying the sunshine timely basis and it's wonderful. We used to feed her three times a day, but she is now fed four times a day with the Perfect Pet Feeder to improve her metabolism. I know this feeder will help keep Kayla healthy and reduce the stress of not feeding her regularly. I imagine some will think the Perfect Pet Feeder is high in cost, but then think of what a Veterinarian visit will cost them every time! I know it is money well spent.

We are looking forward to your company making the Best, or should I say, the Perfect Water System for Kayla. Thank You!"

John, Nancy, & Kayla M.

Bath, PN





"We've received our Perfect Petfeeder and it is everything promised and MORE. I am such a fan of good quality, and I had high expectations - so you nailed it on that score. But...I didn't expect the packaging to also exceed my expectations.

Dinah and Dexter have a new pet feeder I truly appreciate the time and effort and pride that you took to not just design a great product but also a great experience. I opened the box to find a crisp enveloped tucked into a custom designed slot in the packing material. This envelope contained true, step-by-step instructions. I knew exactly what to do and in what order. Thank you. You've hit the mark perfectly. You have a great product and you've executed flawlessly - exceeding expectations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"



Julie  D.

San Jose, CA




"We purchased your product in hopes that it would afford us some measure of tranquility, and I can't thank you enough. The difference is night and day. Before, when things would come up and I'd get home late... my poor guys (two Papillons) would be stressed and hungry, and there were often "accidents" to clean up. I wasn't sure if what they were experiencing was simply separation anxiety or more food related. But now I come home and they are calm, relaxed, and just want my affection. We're all much happier. You guys are the real deal."


Thank you again,

Christopher C., Camie, & Torte

Minneapolis, MN




"I am emailing to tell you that we have found your Perfect Petfeeder product to be everything it was advertised to be.  Everything about it is quality, and it's really remarkable how easy the programming is to use while still giving us the ability to control each and every meal if we want. The battery back-up has already "saved the day" once when we had a severe wind storm and we were without power for 6 full days. We have the unit programmed to feed Pekoe (orange tabby) 6 times a day and being without power didn't affect his schedule one bit. Without that we would have had to go to feeding him twice a day until the power returned and that would not have been pretty. We were all a little chilly but as far as Pekoe was concerned, it was a non-event. I have recommended the Perfect Petfeeder to several friends and it always gets a lot of attention when we entertain.


Thank you very much and you are welcome to use this as a testimonial."


C. Cranston

Redmond, WA




"Please feel free to use my experience as a 'testimonial'.

Ever since Taz was a kitten, he has not known when to stop eating. At 6 months old, he was mistaken for a mature (3 year old cat). He is large in body and spirit, and enjoys little more than eating and sleeping in sun beams. But he never stopped demanding food at all hours of the day or night and had resorted to disturbing my sleep earlier and earlier in the morning to get fed. Eventually he grew to 23 lbs. and I knew we had to do something. I did a lot of research into available automatic feeding systems but found only dead-ends. Taz is a very determined cat, and was always finding ways to get food out of them.


Happy Taz waiting to be fedAnd then, like a gift, came the Perfect Pet Feeder. I found out about it before it was in production, and was one of the first to get one. I had concerns that Taz would be able to tip it over, or that he wouldn't eat from it, but right from the minute the box was delivered to me, the thought of him tipping it over was gone. I opened up the box, put it all together, and poured in Taz's food. Now, many months later, he is back down to a healthy weight of about 15 lbs. and he didn't even notice the food withdrawal.


Most days he can be found lounging in front of the feeder for about half an hour before each feeding time. This feeder has changed our lives. I can now sleep through the night, knowing that Taz will get fed at 3am and I don't have to get out of bed to do it. I can go away for weekends, or even just work late, and know that Taz will get fed on time and the right amount no matter what. Would I recommend the Perfect Pet Feeder? In a heart beat!"


Melissa C. & Taz

Calgary, AB




"I am writing just to say thank you for making such a fine product and how it has made a real difference in my home.


Before, our Chloe (gray tabby) was always a nibbler and we kept her bowl full. We just didn't realize she had nearly stopped eating until she got very ill. After an emergency visit to our veterinarian, we learned of her condition and that our lax feeding habits would have to change. It was scary because we were told that she really needed to eat small meals multiple times per day and we both work. We didn't know how we would make it happen. Thank goodness a friend had seen a review of your product and told us about it. The Perfect Petfeeder now feeds her in the ideal way to control the condition (diabetes). She's staying healthy and it's very easy to see if her eating patterns change."


Thank you, again, so much.


Elizabeth P.

Lincoln, MA


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