New High End Automatic Pet Feeding Solution Promises to Keep Pets Trim, Healthy, and Relaxed.

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A Seattle area company has introduced an upscale, programmable automatic pet feeder designed to appeal to the contemporary pet owner’s sense of style, while satisfying their desire to feed their pets responsibly and maintain their ideal weight.


Seattle, WA July 24th, 2007 -- has just introduced an upscale, automatic pet feeding appliance that promises to allow pet owners to maximize the value of premium or prescription dry pet food by dispensing it in precise, preprogrammed portions throughout the day. Constructed largely of stainless steel and standing two feet in height, the unit holds ten pounds of food and incorporates the company’s patented dispensing system. Numerous other features are engineered to ensure reliability and ease of use.



Company CEO, Scott McLlarky explained, “Pet owners have demonstrated that they value quality pet nutrition. But a premium food, alone, will not prevent a pet from suffering health problems and obesity. Without strict portion control, much of the value of that expensive premium food is wasted. We experienced this in our own family. The product was definitely an invention born of our own necessity to keep our pets healthy. Our customers have found that the Perfect Petfeeder gives them a reliable, convenient way to implement a consistent diet regardless of long work hours or busy schedules. They enjoy the freedom and comfort in knowing that their pets will be fed the right amount, right on time whether they’re home or away. And they especially appreciate coming home to a relaxed atmosphere. No one likes being greeted by stressed, hungry pets.”


The company reports the decision was made early on to develop a visually appealing, high end appliance that wouldn’t have to be relegated to a dark corner or laundry room. Mr. McLlarky added, “We took cues from modern trends in appliance and interior design. The kitchen is the most popular room in the house and our pets are part of our family. We’ve created a product that will complement any well appointed kitchen, or any room the customer chooses.”


The product is manufactured at the companies Washington facility and is available to customers in the U.S. and Canada at or by calling 1-800-488-9192. The company is offering the product at an introductory price of $499. with free shipping.


The appliance incorporates the following features:


Media materials and pictures are available at here. For additional information, please contact Scott McLlarky at



About the company: was founded in 2003. Based in Washington, they are focused on the design, manufacture, and marketing of quality innovative products for contemporary pet owners and their pets.





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