Changing dietary needs of your pet

Once you have a pet food and diet plan implemented, be aware that over time, you will need to adjust their diet to maintain optimum health as they age. Things that may need to be adjusted include:





Be a diligent observer

Many of the health conditions that affect pets throughout their lives can be effectively treated with the help of a change or correction in diet. It is important that we monitor and proactively act upon any dietary or behavioral changes we may observe such as:


Smaller meals more often

Sound familiar? What is often advised for people, in this case, may also be advisable for the pet members of your family. Experts in the field of animal nutrition suspect that several severe health conditions can be attributed to the mere once or twice a day feeding of domestic pets.


The beauty of an automatic pet feeder solution is that you have the ability to enhance your pets daily routine with smaller meals fed more often throughout their day, or small snacks between larger meal amounts. We also believe a more frequent meal schedule helps alleviate boredom, loneliness, and anxiety in pets that must be left alone for long periods of time each day. So take advantage of all that the Perfect Petfeeder has to offer and consider a program of dividing your pets total daily food amount into more meals throughout the day.


The importance of water

Make plenty of water available Drinking enough clean fresh water is every bit as important as eating the right food. A diet consisting of all or mostly dry pet food requires consumption of more water than a diet of wet food. Making fresh water available at several locations in your pet’s environment, and not only next to the food dish, has proven to increase the amount of water a pet will consume each day. Keep it fresh and keep it cool and your pet should have no problem consuming enough water each day.





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