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Following are some points that we feel are worth bringing to your attention and that may offer some perspective in helping you provide optimum nutrition to your pet. We will be developing this area of our web site with information gathered from professional sources and from caring pet owners like you. We would very much appreciate hearing from you and learning of any additional information, advice, or tips you may want to share with us and other interested pet owners.


Implementing a weight reduction diet - proceed with extreme caution

We realize that many of our customers have purchased the Perfect Petfeeder in order to help bring their pet’s weight into a more ideal range. The Perfect Petfeeder was, in fact, invented out of just this necessity, and we applaud your commitment to the health and longevity of your furry family member. But please proceed with extreme caution. Any adjustment to your pet’s daily food intake should be done gradually over weeks and months, not days. Adjusting their daily food allowance or routine too quickly can have life threatening consequences, particularly in felines.


Small doag of a scaleIt is worth taking advantage of the wealth of knowledgeable guidance available from your trusted veterinarian, pet care professionals, and online resources to develop a weight reduction plan specifically for your pet and their particular circumstances. Good plans begin with a small adjustment in daily consumption tied to weight reduction targets that are met before further adjustments are made. Some weight reduction plans may not even involve a reduction of daily food quantity, but instead, involve a change in food type or daily meal frequency and quantities. Observation becomes even more important when implementing a diet to ensure that it isn’t having any adverse health effects.


Fortunately, we took this into consideration when designing our automatic pet feeder solution. With the Perfect Petfeeder, making adjustments to the feeding program and meal amounts couldn’t be easier. And because your pet understands that their meals come from the Perfect Petfeeder and not you, incessant begging doesn’t become a hindrance to implementing a healthier diet.



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