The Perfect Petfeeder Story

The Perfect Petfeeder was, like most inventions, born of necessity. For the founders of the company, that necessity came in the form of two adopted adult cats.



Oscar and Maggie 

                                    Meet Maggie and Oscar


The good people at the shelter cautioned the founders that Oscar really wanted to be an “only cat”. Well, as you can clearly see by the picture above, that wasn’t a problem. What the people at the shelter didn’t mention was Oscar’s penchant for eating.


The founders previous cats had been able to “self–regulate” their eating, so at first they thought nothing of simply leaving down bowls full of food so the cats could eat at will. It wasn't until they started finding Oscar asleep, front paws encircling an empty bowl, chin resting on the edge, that they thought there might be a problem. But they were busy people, and everybody likes a fat cat. Maggie was no innocent bystander, either. She was gaining weight even faster than Oscar.


Predictably, it wasn't long before Oscar, by then pushing 20 pounds, required a very stressful (and very expensive!) emergency visit to the veterinary clinic that the founders finally resolved to do something about the problem. They loved their cats, after all. They were a family. And the good veterinarian informed them in no uncertain terms: Oscar’s illness was a direct result of his being very overweight.


At first the founders tried feeding them strict portions twice a day. But that resulted in constant begging that began to test the limits of their bond. And for Oscar and Maggie, the morning meal was never early enough.


So the founders searched high and low for some type of automatic feeder. First, they tried the kind that has several compartments that you fill with food, and a cover that opens at a pre-set time. It took Oscar all of two days, under Maggie’s supervision, to learn that if he got a claw in just the right spot and applied just enough leverage, the treasure was his. The founders then tried another brand of automatic pet feeder that, once assembled, did, in fact, dispense food when programmed. However, it also dispensed food with the slightest tap or bump to the side. A sort of on- demand kitty jackpot.


At their wits end, the founders decided to turn inventor. They cobbled together the very first prototype in their garage and put it into service. It worked like a charm! The cats quickly realized the food was coming from the feeder and not the founders, so the begging stopped. Maggie and Oscar gradually slimmed down to their ideal weight. And their veterinarian even called them a “success story”. Three years later, that original prototype continues to feed Maggie and Oscar.


And so the Perfect Petfeeder came to be. And now many, many more caring cat and dog owners are empowered to maintain a healthy, consistent, stress-free diet for their pets, thanks to Maggie and Oscar.




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