Green & Charitable initiatives

At, we consider ourselves to be among the growing number of small companies that factor in the consequences of our actions on something other than just the bottom line. The initiatives we have, and will make, in the areas of our environmental impact and supporting animal welfare causes goes hand-in-hand with the joy we derive from providing quality products and doing business with quality people. Following is a growing list of our "green" and charitable undertakings.


Lead-free initiative

The proliferation of electronics into every nook and cranny of our lives has brought with it a heavy health and environmental toll. Many of the substances traditionally used in electronics have proven detrimental to human and animal health, and many of the worlds industrialized countries have moved to eliminate some of the most toxic substances from the manufacturing process and finished products. Many times this is referred to as the "lead-free" movement, but lead is only one of the substances that the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive, or RoHS (pronounced "row-hos") seeks to eliminate from modern electronics manufacturing.


During the development of our flagship pet feeding appliance, although not required by U.S. law, we have sought to conform to the RoHS guidelines and estimate that our current manufacturing processes and products are about 95% compliant. We can and will do better in this regard, and will update our web site accordingly.


Battery reclamation and recycling program

The Perfect Petfeeder uses a quality rechargeable and recyclable battery pack. Improperly disposed Ni-Cad batteries harm our precious environment and we have taken steps to make it simple and easy for our customers who do not have access to local battery recycling to send us their spent battery packs so that we can see to their safe disposal. When customers order a new battery pack, we enclose a prepaid return mailer. They simply drop in the old battery and drop it in the mail. It's not perfect, but it's much better than having them end up as landfill.


Zero Landfill initiative

You may have heard recently that some progressive electronics producing companies have begun to take responsibility for the recycling of the products they manufacture after their useful life has ended. We think this is just great, and are working to put together our own program to do the same. The first step was designing and manufacturing a quality product that won't need to be recycled for a very long time. But when the time comes, we plan to have the systems in place to make it simple and easy for our customers to get our products back to us so that we can ensure that as much of it that can be recycled, is recycled and that which can't is responsibly disposed of.


Charitable initiatives is committed to supporting a growing list of animal-centric charities and programs, particularly in the area of animal welfare and animal legal rights.


For example, we donated a Perfect Petfeeder to MEOW, a Seattle area cat and dog rescue. They included it in their recent "Fine Wines and Felines Too" wine tasting and silent auction event (you can read about it here). The Perfect Petfeeder was very well received. In fact, two attendees got into a bit of a bidding war and the winner paid quite a premium to have one of the first publicly available Perfect Petfeeders. Money for a tremendous cause. The people at MEOW do amazing heroic things everyday, and we consider it an honor to support their work, now and in the future.


More recently we donated a unit to another Seattle area shelter, Homeward Pet for their 10th Annual Anniversary Benefit Auction and Dinner. The event gave those involved in the day-to-day operations of the shelter the chance to dress up, get out, and celebrate their achievements. And for those unable to donate their time, it was a chance to learn more and contribute financially. The event raised $220,000, which will allow Homeward Pet to maintain and expand their rescue, shelter, and spy/neuter programs in the Seattle area.


We at are privileged to support these kinds of organizations and programs..



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