A word from the CEO

Dear Caring Pet Owners and Guardians,


Appreciation for the pet-human bond has undergone a profound expansion since we began in 2003, and that's something all of us at perfectpetfeeder.com wholeheartedly welcome, knowing that it benefits the welfare of all concerned. In fact, the Perfect Petfeeder and our company were born out of my own family’s love and commitment to our pets. We know that our success is a manifestation of our customers commitment to quality pet care, and our ability to provide innovative products that help make that possible in a modern world.


Our compassion for our pets goes hand-in-hand with our compassion for our planet. It is my opinion that far, far too many products are put into the marketplace that are destined to be landfill not long after the warranty term expires. Part of the answer to this waste is to build quality, and we offer only those products that we feel are worthy of the resources required to manufacture them, and that you, our customer, feel are worth every penny you paid. Products that help ensure you and your pet have the longest, happiest, healthiest, best life together.


Should you choose to purchase any of our products, I invite you to tell us about your experience. We're a young company and would genuinely like to hear your story. You're welcome to email or call and tell us what you think, what you like or don’t, any comments or suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.


We can be reached by email at: svcteam@perfectpetfeeder.com



Also, feel free to contact me directly at:  scottm@perfectpetfeeder.com


Very best regards,


Scott Mcllarky





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