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"Taz is back down to a healthy weight of about 15 lbs. and he didn't even notice the food withdrawal."


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Convenience & control

Common sense tells us, and studies have proven, that overweight pets are not with us as long and often suffer poor health throughout their shortened lives. It's a long list of serious illnesses that are brought on, or made worse by improper nutrition and weight maintenance. The proven longevity enhancing benefits of portion-controlled, quality nutrition are easily achieved with the combination of the Perfect Petfeeder and your chosen quality pet food.

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Natural weight maintenance

Many of our customers have purchased the Perfect Petfeeder specifically to address a weight problem in their pets. In every case, the Perfect Petfeeder has proven indispensable and successful in naturally transitioning their pet to an ideal weight range, and maintaining them there. Many have remarked that the process was a much calmer, frustration-free experience than they had anticipated. Work and busy schedules didn't prevent timely portion-controlled feeding, and because their pets quickly realized the food was coming from the appliance (and not the pet owner), there were no problems with incessant begging or being woken up mornings to be fed.

Prevention never looked so good

An automatic pet feeding solution isn't just for overweight pets. The Perfect Petfeeder offers a clear measure of prevention, and the opportunity to avoid poor health and overweight issues from the start. Moreover, by providing the ability to divide your pet's total daily allowance into smaller portions throughout the day, an automated solution promotes a balanced metabolism and nervous system. By choosing the Perfect Petfeeder, you're putting their quality of life first, and adding years - healthier, happier years, to their lives. Our pets make our lives better. Be together longer with the Perfect Petfeeder in your home. Order yours today.