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"The peace of mind I have, knowing they are portion fed on a regular basis...just gives me one less worry."


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an automatic cat or dog feeder and quality food are better together

A proactive solution

While choosing a quality pet food is an important first step, it is only half of the nutrition equation. Without consistent portion control, much of the value of that premium food is actually wasted and your pet receives little benefit from the additional expense. The Perfect Petfeeder was conceived and developed for just this reason. Whether you're home or away, it reliably delivers the right amounts, right on time. It offers caring pet owners the ideal, proactive solution to providing a proven healthier portion controlled diet customized for your pet's individual requirements.

say no to free feeding

Beyond free-feeding

For some, it's immediately apparent that free-feeding their furry family member is out of the question due to weight gain, gorging, or regurgitation issues. But many pets don't exhibit these obvious problems, at first, and seem to "self regulate" their intake. While it's certainly convenient to simply maintain a bowl full of food, it's these same animals that most often develop illness or physical problems in later stages of life. A sudden change in appetite is often among the first signs of many such problems, and because their daily intake is unmonitored, the warning goes unnoticed. With our quality automatic pet feeder solution, you can easily monitor your pet's diet and can easily see if their habits change.

Life-long flexibility

Just as we now realize the value of quality pet food, we have also come to understand that our pet's needs evolve (just like our own) and require our responsible attention through the years. As our pets age, food volume and meal frequency need to be adjusted as behavior and dietary needs naturally change.

This is where the Perfect Petfeeder excels. Not only does the patented dispensing mechanism give you finite control of when and how much your pet consumes, but it also affords the flexibility to make dietary adjustments in a convenient, stress-free manner. Make the Perfect Petfeeder a part of your healthy lifestyle today with reliable, round-the-clock portion feeding. You'll guarantee a lifetime of healthy happy returns.