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"...now I come home and they are calm, relaxed, and just want my affection. We're all much happier."


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Comfort in knowing

Leaving home each day just got a lot easier for you and your home-alone friend(s). You can now experience the comfort in knowing that regardless of long work hours or busy schedules, your pet will be reliably fed the right amounts, right on time. Better still, you can feed them smaller, more frequent meals. This provides the behavioral benefit of providing additional activity throughout their day, which will help to alleviate boredom and home-alone anxiety.

Creatures of habit & routine

Pets thrive on routine, and day to day inconsistencies in routine and schedule actually induce a level of stress in most animals. This is especially evident when it comes to their diet. For domestic felines and canines, there is a certain amount of instinctual anxiety connected to their food and feeding schedule. While nothing can replace your time and affection, the Perfect Petfeeder alleviates any food related stress by providing the consistency of routine they crave.

Whether you're home or away

Within a short time, your pet will come to understand that they will be fed right on schedule independent of whether you are home or away. No more coming home to crying, hungry pets. The Perfect Petfeeder allows you to relax while away, and make the most of your time together at home. By taking food out of the equation, you nurture the low-stress environment we all want for our pets and ourselves. Bring the calming effects of our automated solution into your home. Order yours today.

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