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"This is the kind of appliance you just know is going to be working 10 years from now"


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"It's one of the best things we've ever bought. I still smile every time I hear the tinkling of the food hitting the bowl."


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Form and function

Succeeding in both substance and style, the following design features combine to provide the benefits of absolute reliability and ease of use.

no measuring required

No measuring, no mess

Effortlessly program between 1 and 10 meals daily. Each meal can be set for the exact amount you want, as little as a tablespoon up to several cups. You can, for example, program three larger meals throughout the day with several snacks in between. Your pet gets just what they need without waste. And the hopper easily holds 10 lbs (about 42 cups) of food, so there are no bags to keep.

no begging for food

No Begging, no stress

Your relationship with your pet shouldn't be "all about the food." Say goodbye to begging, early morning "wake-up calls", and coming home to stressed, hungry pets. They quickly learn that the Perfect Petfeeder will dutifully provide their meals on schedule, regardless of whether you are asleep, home, or away. This eliminates begging and has the added benefit of providing the consistency of routine that pets crave. Our automated solution nurtures a relaxed environment for you and your pet, and takes all the stress out of implementing a healthy diet.

reliable automatic pet feeder mechanism

Unmatched reliability and precision

No other pet feeder provides the reliability and finite portion control of the Perfect Petfeeder. The patented, all steel dispensing system is uniquely engineered to handle any size or shape of dry pet food without risk of the food becoming crushed or jammed in the mechanism.

pet proof design

Pet-proof, paw safe design

Unlike other feeders, ours was engineered to ensure that even the most determined pet will never, ever, reach or dislodge the food stored inside, nor come in contact with any moving parts. The hinged lid of the hopper has a paw-proof latch cover. And since the hopper is constructed of solid stainless steel, as opposed to clear plastic, your pet won't be taunted by the sight of inaccessible food. The unit is safely powered by low voltage DC.

Operational battery back-up power

Power outage protection

In the event of a power outage, the Perfect Petfeeder's battery backup system will not only retain your programming, but will continue to operate normally for days, dispensing your pet's meals on schedule. And we offer every customer our convenient, complementary reminder service to notify them at recommended battery replacement intervals.

Food level alert

Refill alert

Inside the storage hopper is a food level sensor. When food is drawn down to within several days of empty, the unit will emit an audible series of beeps every 15 minutes to alert you of the need to refill.

Dishwasher easy and safe to clean

Dishwasher-easy to clean

Other automatic pet feeders suffer from a serious design flaw; inaccessible, impossible to clean components, resulting in the buildup of rancid food particulate and oils. The Perfect Petfeeder was designed with this in mind, and thorough cleaning couldn't be easier. Every component that comes in contact with your pet's food is easily removed and all but the motor are dishwasher safe. And because they're constructed of hypoallergenic stainless steel, they won't absorb contaminants or expose your pet to the growing problem of plastic contact allergies.

Easy to program

Easy three-button programming

The only way our intuitive, "no manual required", programming interface could be any easier is if it could read your mind. In less than a minute, you will have the Perfect Petfeeder programmed and ready to dispense the precise meal portions you want, when you want. Just as important, adjusting the program is a snap. Our patent pending Quick Change feature allows you to adjust all meal amounts in seconds. There's an option for a pleasant meal chime, and you can enter into "suspend mode" to temporarily stop its daily operation while retaining all program settings.

more food value with an automatic pet feeder

Complete nutrition

Premium quality pet food is only half of the nutrition equation. Without consistent portion control and the ability to feed more than once or twice a day, the value of that premium food is wasted. The Perfect Petfeeder in tandem with quality food provides a proven healthier diet of consistent smaller portions, provided more often through-out the day, resulting in your pet's healthiest, happiest, best life.

Feeds one or two pets

Feeds one pet, or two

The Perfect Petfeeder may be configured to feed one or two pets, and components for both configurations are included with each unit. Feeding two pets requires that they eat the same type and portion sizes of food.

Three year warranty

Built for lasting satisfaction

The Perfect Petfeeder has the weight and feel you expect in a quality appliance. We use only solid, quality materials throughout. and offer a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Moreover, every unit is backed by our Premium 3 Year, no cost, no hassle replacement warranty service. Experience all that the Perfect Petfeeder has to offer you and your pet. Order yours today.