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At the Expo: Maizy has a new dog feeder!

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"You guys don't
mess around! This pet feeder has got to be the most solidly constructed piece of home equipment I've ever seen."







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Included stainless steel bowls so you can feed one or two pets.

Every unit comes equipped to
feed one pet or two, and
features our premium 3 year

replacement warrantee.

Cat on top of automatic pet feeder.
First and only pet-proof

automatic pet feeder.

An automaic feeder provides all day long nutrition.

Veterinarians recommend smaller,

more frequent meals as the healthiest

way to feed both cats and dogs.


Our automatic cat feeder with an orange cat.

Our automatic pet feeder

makes implementing a healthy diet a convenient, stress-free experience

for you and your pets.












Please Note

After almost 6 years and with thousands of very satisfied customers around the world, we have discontinued production and sales of the Perfect Petfeeder Lux Model. But we are excited to announce it successor, a redesign of the original, which we will launch in late 2017.

Automatic pet feeder of Choice

Long work hours and busy schedules need no longer prevent you from implementing consistent, portion controlled feeding of your cat(s) or small to medium size dog(s). Simply the best appliance of its kind, the Perfect Petfeeder delivers a worry-free solution to pet-parents who value quality, in combination with thoughtful, efficient design, allowing you to easily program a diet customized for your pet's optimum health, and to make adjustments as they mature. Every unit comes equipped to feed dry food to 1 or 2 pets, with features and benefits that surpass expectations.

While an automatic pet food dispenser will never take the place of your time and affection, replacing manual, or free-feeding with an automated solution will profoundly improve your time together, and your peace of mind while away. Beyond compare, the Perfect Petfeeder can be relied upon to feed your pet flawlessly, for a lifetime.


An automatic dog feeder eliminates early morning begging to be fed.

Best by design

Avoiding the risks of plastic contamination, food contact components are constructed of heavy gauge, hypo-allergenic stainless steel that's dishwasher easy to clean and denotes the built-for-a-lifetime quality you'll find throughout.

Features like:

combine in this dependable, intuitive appliance engineered to get the most from your premium pet food and ensure your pet's ideal weight. The Perfect Petfeeder is an elegant, modern machine for a modern lifestyle.

stainless steel automatic pet feeder features

A pet feeder as good as its name

The Perfect Petfeeder is quality built in the USA and is engineered to be the last automatic pet feeder you'll ever buy. We offer both a 60 day money back guarantee and a Premium 3 year replacement warrantee for the long term protection of your investment.

But more than the sum of its many features, the Perfect Petfeeder goes beyond simply feeding your pet. Round-the-clock portion controlled nutrition promotes a balanced metabolism and provides the consistency of routine that nurtures a low-stress environment for our pets and ourselves.

We invite you to experience the calming, healthful, and behavioral benefits that our customers now enjoy. Make the Perfect Petfeeder a part of your home and lifestyle today. We guarantee that once you begin, you'll never willingly go back to the old way of feeding your pets.

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